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Dr. Beth Halbert is a licensed child psychologist with a big vision and a compassionate heart. Her true passion and purpose is working with parents and teens/children to create healthy, meaningful, loving relationships. By helping emotionally healthy parents rear emotionally healthy teens/children, she aspires to help create a more beautiful, peaceful and joyful world.

Unlike other psychologists or parenting experts, Dr. Beth combines her clinical psychological expertise with warmth and playfulness to create new possibilities for parents and teens/children. She talks to adults and kids in easy-to-understand language to assist them through personal and familial challenges. She gets parents and teens/children to talk with each other, to honor their differences, to accept each other as they are, to build healthy boundaries with each other, and to create more interactive, connected relationships

Dr. Beth proudly holds graduate and advanced degrees from the following universities Baylor University, Vanderbilt University, California Institute of Integral Studies. And has been serving the Greater Bay Area as a Licensed Psychologist for over 10 years (PSY19007).

In your work with Dr. Beth you'll experience more ease, peace and joy in your parenting. You will discover new ways to feel confident and comfortable as a parent. You'll enjoy a closer connection and a better understanding of your teen or child. You will also:

In her work as a child psychologist, Dr. Beth has learned how kids think and why they act the way they do. She knows how to get them talking about their challenges, fears, emotions, behaviors and interests. In short, she knows kids. Beyond that, she also knows parents. She knows how to get them to accept themselves exactly as they are, and how to accept their teens/children exactly as they are. She helps parents get in touch with their emotions, wisdom and childlike playfulness to create positive dialogue and closer relationships with their children.

Dr. Beth's personal growth over the past 25 years has helped develop her insight into what parents and teens/children need to build better relationships. By getting in touch with her own inner child, it has allowed her to more fully understand children of all ages and enabled her to help parents access their inner child. Her clinical work has simply confirmed these lessons.

Dr. Beth's credentials, accomplishments and activities:

Dr. Beth combines extensive clinical expertise with warmth and playfulness to create a new model for compassionate parenting. She brings a unique approach to her work with parents and teens/children—combining music, coaching, therapy and parenting tools in new and innovative ways. She is fully dedicated to helping teens/children and parents understand and appreciate themselves and one another, to tap into their "bigness" and to develop new, healthier relationships.

Find out why Dr. Beth's clients want to work with her, why they want to capture every word she says, why she simplifies things that are quite complicated on the surface, why she is able to cut through the clutter and help parents and teens/children "get it", why one of her clients calls her the "playful miracle worker", and why so many parents have said that Dr. Beth has helped them reconnect with their teen or child

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